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【只要我們還對事情抱有執著的能量,我們便得面對它 – As long as we hold energy on something, we have to deal with it】



As spiritual beings, we’ve lived thousands of lives, many on other planets, and in other dimensions and galaxies. The accumulated energy from these other lives can and does affect the current life. As long as we hold energy on something, we have to deal with it.

High Self tells us that most of the clients that come to us have in their Soul records the accumulated energy from tens or hundreds of thousands of lives. This is not simply an unconscious memory; it is an accumulation of the beliefs, perception, judgements, and resulting energies. Researching and clearing programs is about helping the Soul get rid itself of these unnecessary patterns, and to help the conscious mind, including the emotional body, learn a new way of being and expressing in the moment. While practitioners or any healing tools can ask High Self to clear the accumulated energies, only the client can choose to let go of negative beliefs, perceptions, and judgements. If they choose not to change, they will continue to experience the same result.

“SRT Spiritual Healing Principle” by Karthryn Hamilton-Cook


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