SRT 可以連繫高我預測未來嗎? Can SRT connect the higher self to predict the future?

SRT不是用作預知未來,也不宜詢問何時能結婚、發達或賭博結果。 SRT認為會提出相關的問題,正是源於你認為現在缺乏這些東西。這都是因為你的金錢、愛情頻道遭封鎖,借由翻查靈魂記錄再清洗負能量,就能開啓頻道,從根源解決問題。 SRT is not used to predict the future, nor is it appropriate to ask when it is possible to get married, get rich or gambling results. SRT believes that you will raise certain questions is because you think that these things are lacking now. This is because your money and love energy channels are blocked. By searching the soul record and clearing the negative energy, you can open the channel and solve the problem from the root cause.

遠距清理跟面對面治療有分別嗎? Is distant clearing different from face-to-face treatment?

遠距治療跟當面治療的效果是一樣,因為治療是透過靈擺跟當事人的高我連結,然後根據客人的高我指示作出療癒及清理。遠距治療的過程中,當事人可以如常生活作息,完全不受干擾。 只要你明白SRT 其中既原理就可以,SRT 過程中治療師會透過連接你既high self,去找出你在面對的問題當中的程式,然後一并清理。 過程中我會先連接我的high self,然後我的high self 會與你的high self 一齊工作去接收訊息, 因此「並不受時間空間限制的」,無論是面對面 /或者不是面對面都好,清理過程都是一樣。 既然你相信SRT 的話,應該會相信高靈或靈層次的層面上是沒有是間地域的限制的。 The effect of distant clearing is the same as face-to-face treatment, because we are connected with the client's higher self, and then heal and clean up following the client's higher self instructions. In the process of distant clearing, the clients can work as usual, without interference.

As long as you understand the principle of SRT, the practitioners will find out the program of the problem you are facing by connecting to your high self during SRT, and then clean up together.

In the process, I will connect my high self first, and then my high self will work with your high self to receive messages, so it is "not limited by time and space", whether it is face-to-face or not face-to-face, the process and result is the same. Since you believe in SRT, you should believe that there is no time and space restriction on the level of high being.

如果沒有什麼特別的問題,可以做SRT 嗎? If there is no particular problem, can I do SRT?

在SRT 服務中,你可以有自己設定的主題作清理 。你亦可以無須提出任何問題,完全由高我指定對你而言會是最佳的全面清理。 In the SRT service, you can have your own topic for cleaning. Or simply you don't need to set any topic, it is the best comprehensive cleanup for you to be completely guided by your high self.

在預約作SRT 治療之前,需準備什麼? What do I need to prepare before making an appointment for SRT treatment?

在預約作SRT 治療之前,希望你已經確認好自己是全然敞開、並且願意面對、接納新生的自己。 Before making an appointment for SRT treatment, I hope you have confirmed that you are completely open and willing to face and accept the new self.

在完成SRT治療之後,需注意什麼事項? What should I pay attention to after completing SRT treatment?


After completing the SRT treatment, clients will feel tired and a small number of people will experience mild diarrhea. This is a natural adjustment made by the body after energy clearing. It is recommended to take more rest and drink a plenty of water.

如何使用我的SRT服務? How to use my SRT service?

請透過以下途徑預約 SRT 治療:
WhatsApp: 5742 0025

​line: soulchitect


- 姓名

- 性別

- 年齡

- Email (注意要填寫清楚)

- 選擇治療項目及詳述情況 (想清理的主題,盡可能詳細描述)

- 地點 (如想作空間深度清理及負面氣場清理)


SRT 治療後,我會將治療及清理的結果整理成一份詳細 PDF 報告傳到您的 E-mail。

Please schedule a SRT session through the following ways:

WhatsApp: 5742 0025
line: soulchitect

Leave the following information:
-Email (Note to fill in clearly)
-Tell us your detailed problem and situation (the topics you want to clear, describe as much as possible)
-Location (If you want to do space energy clearing)

After receiving the payment, I will do clearing at the appointment time, and will notify you in advance before the clearing.

After SRT treatment, I will organize the treatment results into a detailed PDF report and send it to your E-mail.

如何付款? How to pay?

現在接受Payme, FPS, 銀行轉帳到中銀戶口/ 匯豐戶口。 台灣或其他外地的客人可以使用Paypal付款。 We accept Payme, FPS, bank transfer to BOC account / HSBC account. (For Hong Kong Clients)

Clients from Taiwan or other countries can use Paypal for payment.

應隔多久時間做下一次SRT 才適合? How often should i have a SRT session?

沒有一個特定的時間。如果是general 的全面清理,大概一至兩個月做一次就可以;如果是一些specific 或較深層次的topic ,可能不只是清一次就可以完成清理。這需要詢問你的高我認為你需要相隔多久再作清理, 可能一個或兩個星期之後再做第二次清理。但大部分的個案都只需一次的清理。


There is no one specific time. If it is a general clearing, yoy may consider do it once every one to two months; if it is a specific topic or deeper issue, it may need more than one session to completely cleanup. We will ask your high self what time you need to clean up again, maybe a one or two weeks later. But most cases only need to be cleaned once.

The interval always depends on the wishes and needs of the clients. If you want to use it as a method of clearing negative energy and balancing your energy, you can make an appointment for an SRT at regular intervals.


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