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【並非事情發生在你身上,而是你執著的能量創造了你們的實相 – It’s not what happens to you, but the energy you attach to it】

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

並非事情發生在你身上,而是你執著的能量創造了你們的實相。這是思想行動的法則:你想著什麼和你執著了什麼能量,你便伯創造了它們。美國心靈作家艾克哈特‧托勒 (Eckhart Tolle) 告訴我們:「你不可能沒有一個不開心的故事而令自己不開心」。產生問題的不是外在發生的事情,而是故事裡所包括的批判和連繫著情緒的能量。從字面上「創造」的意思是:「情緒是『移動的能量』。我們帶著的情緒能量 (自覺或不自覺地) 創造了我們當下的經歷。」

如果我們判斷一個經歷為負面,並引起情緒反應 (如憤怒、恐懼或仇恨),那麼這些情緒會引來我們需要看到的和改造的經歷。藉著我們的最高意圖,我們可以用自己的觀察力承擔自己所創造的,並使之變得更好。但如果我們沒覺察到,就會跌入反應和負面創造的無限循環。這就是為什麼SRT要幫助個案意識到每天經歷的情緒能量和消極的執念、觀感和批判的重要性。如果只注重已發生的「故事」而不是潛在的能量,就錯過了靈性療癒的重點:改變你的意識從而改變你的經歷。如果不這樣做只會提供著小我的需要,而再體驗過去或現在的劇本。

It’s not what happens to you, but the energy you attach to it. This is the Law of Mind Action: What you think and attach an energy to, you create. Eckhart Tolle tells us that “You cannot be unhappy without an unhappy story.” It’s not the external events that take place. But the story, including the judgements and resulting emotional energy we attach to the story that create problems. And we literally mean “create”. E-motion is “energy in motion.” The emotional energy we carry (consciously or unconsciously) creates our experiences in the moment.

If we have an experience, judge it as negative, trigger the emotional response (for example anger, fear, or hatred), then that emotion draws to us the experiences we need to see it and transform it. With our highest intention, we can use our powers of observation to take ownership for our own creations, and change them for the better. If we are aware, however, we can get caught in an infinite loop of reaction and negative creation. This is why in SRT it is so important to help clients become aware of the emotional energy and negative beliefs, perceptions, and judgements they live with every day. If you focus only on the “story” of what has happened rather than the underlying energy, you are missing the point of spiritual healing: changing your consciousness changes your experience. Anything less is just feeding the ego need to relive drama, past or present.

“SRT Spiritual Healing Principle” by Karthryn Hamilton-Cook



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