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【最終是靈魂負責自己的療癒 - The soul is ultimately in charge of its own healing】





Nothing happens that is not planned for or allowed by the soul. As divine beings creating our own reality, we cannot be victims. Although clients and students may come to us with the belief that someone or something outside of themselves can fix them, they are in fact the only ones that can affect their own healing.

Understand that the healing happens when the Soul gives permission to work with its High Self to have the soul records researched and cleared. While we facilitate this process by asking our own High Self to work with the client and the client’s High Self, all outcomes are the responsibility of the person seeking healing. The Soul chooses what to do with this new level of healing and understanding. As its most productive, the Soul allows a complete research and clearing of all negatives programs, and this results in positive changes mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Occasionally, however, we can not eliminate all perceived “negative” circumstance from the client’s life. The Soul may have decided that the experience of such circumstance is necessary for learning and growth, or simply would like further practice with working with creative principle.

In addition, the client’s conscious mind beliefs or emotional habits may be creating negative outcomes in the moment or though reprogramming. While the client’s conscious mind/ego may not accept that they are responsible for what that create, it does not change the principle that we as practitioners cannot force a healing or change from without.

“SRT Spiritual Healing Principle” by Karthryn Hamilton-Cook




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