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【所有事情也是在神聖的秩序當中 – Everything is in Divine Order】


Everything is in Divine Order. Even though we choose through our SRT or healing practice to help clients or ourselves change their negative patterns, understood that nothing, even which we perceive as the most negative circumstance, is outside of Spirit. Nothing that happens to us or clients is outside of the Soul’s chosen life path or planning. To consciously judge a person’s mental. Emotional, or physical circumstance as wrong risks bringing in your own ego-based emotional energies, and leaves you open to interference from lower-level entities such as discarnate. We, as a practitioner, we are working in clear connection with High Self, allowing Spirit to work directly with the Soul to change the Soul’s own healing intensions without imposing our own limiting beliefs. Understand that this journey for the Soul mat take many lifetimes and take a seemingly circuitous route; respect the client’s right to heal at their own pace in their own way with Spirit’s guidance

“SRT Spiritual Healing Principle” by Karthryn Hamilton-Cook


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