Meditation Q&A 冥想的問與答(下)

冥想和念誦的區別是什麼? What is the difference between meditation and chanting?


Answer: Recitation is like a companion who never leaves, accompany the meditator across all disturbances and obstacles, and reach a state of silence. Silence is the highest level of achievement. In this state, we experience complete consciousness and inner self. This self contains everything, that is, the true self, the truth in the universe.

飲食和性行為會影響冥想嗎? Will diet and sexual behavior affect meditation?



Answer: Of course these factors will affect meditation. We don’t encourage ideas to be obsessed with sex-related pleasures. Sex is a physical and emotional need at a certain age, but this desire should be managed and should not become the most important thing in life.

As for diet, meditation practitioners should choose to eat moderate, simple, fresh and nutritious food. Although nutritious foods are good, overeating is neither healthy nor conducive to meditation. Do not practice in hunger or after a meal.

怎樣才能知道自己什麼時候需要老師?如何找到老師? How can I know when I need a teacher? How to find a teacher?





Answer: When the practitioner begins to observe the outside world and discover the fleeting nature of things, he will no longer be satisfied with this. They question the purpose of life and try to understand their inner state. Usually this type of student will study the teachings of the saints. It is during this quest that students will find that they need a guide. The old saying in the past is very true: when a student is extremely eager to understand the inner truth, when he seeks sincerely and prepares fully, the teacher will appear.

Practitioners should know that real teachers are selfless, they understand the state of consciousness of students and guide them accordingly. Don't look for teachers deliberately. The teacher will appear naturally if he prepares himself first. Teachers who are selfish and domineering and exploiting students simply cannot guide anyone. Only selfless, meditation-experienced teachers can understand whether students are ready to embark on this path. A high-level teacher is indeed a gift from God.

I advise students not to look for teachers everywhere, but to prepare themselves and observe their thoughts, actions, and language. Everyone has their own teacher, that is their own heart. If you ignore your inner teacher, then the outer teacher will not be of any use. Learn to listen to your heart-this is a very important preparation for embarking on the spiritual path.

Sometimes "Ego" will jump out and mislead us. Mind is a magician who can play tricks, but sincere practitioners can recognize whether the inner guidance originates from his own heart or from his own blindness. I suggest that students pray to the inner strong self, and sincere prayers will always be answered.

學生如何知道自己是否在進步呢? How do students know if they are making progress?


Answer: Progress on the spiritual path is different from progress in the external world. Inner progress means peaceful and pleasant growth-students no longer feel uneasy or stimulated. This inner experience is enough to prove that the practitioner is making progress. And students will also meet other like-minded partners on the spiritual path, the natural law is like this: the same kind of attraction.

冥想能治療情緒問題嗎? Can meditation cure emotional problems?


Answer: As long as you can practice systematically, meditation can become the most advanced treatment. Practitioners can gradually learn to deal with problems, face fear and change bad habits. As long as we go on with determination and sincerity, everyone has the ability to make continuous progress and can handle the most difficult problems. If you make every effort and you cannot find the inner peace, then give yourself to the existence of everything, the Lord of Life. Surrender is the highest-level solution.

冥想練習有危險嗎? Is it dangerous to practice meditation?

答: 冥想沒有任何危險,可如果我們不充分準備,只是閉眼坐在那裡幻想,那純粹就是浪費時間和精力。我們要了解整套方法,一步一步訓練自己成為“知情者”。大部分人都知道如何對外在事物進行了解、觀察和確認,但探究、尋找和注視內在是截然不同的。因此,系統地學習如何冥想是很有幫助的。


Answer: There is no danger in meditation, but if we are not fully prepared and just sit there with our eyes closed, we will simply waste time and energy. We need to understand the entire set of methods and train ourselves step by step to become "informed." Most people know how to understand, observe, and confirm external things, but exploring, searching, and watching are internally very different. Therefore, it is helpful to learn how to meditate systematically.

Many teachers claim that their method is a shortcut, while other methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive. But there are no shortcuts or detours. The length of the road depends entirely on the students' ability, enthusiasm and determination. Do n’t be shaken by such bewitching, propaganda, or advocacy, you should arrange exercises according to your actual situation.

冥想的深入會有哪些表現? What are the manifestations of deep meditation?


Answer: Meditation keeps the mind focused and focused toward the inside. When you learn to arrange the trivial things in your life, you will no longer be hindered by them, and you can practice meditation regularly, you will find yourself getting a special reward. In life, your brain will become sharp, concentrated, and start to go to a more subtle level. These are all in-depth manifestations of meditation.

如何增強對曼陀羅的感覺? How to enhance the feeling of mantra?


Answer: At the beginning, just repeat the mantra. Then, when this habit becomes part of life, you will experience pleasure and fall in love with this habit. When chanting becomes an irreplaceable habit in life, you will be attracted to it and feel joy when you read mantra.

問:冥想的最終結果是什麼?我們應有什麼樣的期待? Question: What is the final result of meditation? What should we expect?


A: You will eventually reach the state of Samadhi. But there are many types of Samadhi. What I can tell you is that a meditator can reach the highest level of wisdom. At this time, consciousness no longer has any questions, all questions will be answered, and troubles will disappear. This state of spiritual pleasure can bring about external peace and internal eternal peace. The meditators feel the existence of truth all the time, and they have no fear. The Lord of Life exists in each of their breaths, and the turbulence of the outside world can no longer affect them.

問:一個誠摯的學生要花多久才能實現最終目的? Q: How long does it take for a sincere student to achieve his ultimate goal?


A: It depends on the quality and determination of the students ’inner state and whether they can practice meditation regularly and regularly. Some students are interested in reaching the highest level, but they are less interested in practicing for a few days, so they do n’t practice anymore. Therefore, those who can persevere, make up their minds and practice regularly will definitely be able to achieve the highest level faster. Practitioners will inevitably have many fantasies, longing for inner experience and looking forward to miracles. However, when they learned that none of these helped, they gave up voluntarily. They will cross the quagmire of delusion and trek on the road of light.


斯瓦米‧拉瑪 (2018年1月)。冥想 (劉海凝譯)。出版地點﹕橡實文化。(原著出版年﹕2007年)

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